Time is a process of perception that begins with a stimulus and results in the establishment of a code of meaning in the constructing memory.(61) This stimulus may be internal or external. At the same time, the arrangement of events in a timeline and the distinction of different times are topics that deserve special attention. It is also valuable to consider timing to be a cognitive process. In addition, associating the concept of time with an event, word or number can help us to understand it better and to assemble a comprehensive explanation. From this perspective, time perception is a very important subject, and one which supports cognitive psychology.(30) Re-analyzing conditioning experiments by affiliating them with the time factor may help to correlate cognitive processes with this conditioning period. The creation of a dilemma in the mind will contribute to the problem‟s solution. In the case of a dilemma, we can either explain the conditioning as a cognitive process or define new concepts, such as relationship formation,
cognitive extinction and relationship network. It is also important to contemplate time-connected codes of meaning and time-based storage.

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Time Connection by Hasan Günaydın


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